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Big Green Eggs… The Ulitmate Grill, Smoker, and Oven are closed cooking vessels using organic charcoal that allow you to cook at various temperatures … tenderizing meat and infusing it with smokey flavors. The Patio Shop carries over one hundred accessories to aid in cooking your favorite foods, plus recipe books, too! The Big Green Egg … with a little practice … will let you cook all day long without adding charcoal. Big Green Eggs can be built into outdoor kitchens, placed in grilling cabinets or left free-standing in a spot convenient to the kitchen or your outdoor dining area. Accessories make great gifts for all outdoor chefs! The Patio Shop is Big Green Egg’s only Platinum dealer in the tri-state region and the areas best “egg-sprerts” since 2000.


Saber gas grills boast a patented infrared cooking system allowing for true zonal cooking and fast pre-heating (0 to 700 degrees in less than 10 minutes). A push-button electronic ignition and temperature gauges at each burner allow for precise cooking. We can show you several models at the store!

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